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Monday, November 02, 2009

Wealth Pilgrim

I found Wealth Pilgrim via Julia Scott's Bargain Babe, and while both are well-worth reading daily, I've known about Julia's blog since it began but only discovered Wealth Pilgrim today.

That's a long way to say, "I'm going to write about Wealth Pilgrim at this particular moment."

The blogger, Neal Frankle, bills himself as a Los Angeles-based certified financial planner. His personal story is the reason the blog is compelling.

I'll nutshell it:

When I was young, my father was a real estate speculator who took big risks. Sometimes, he didn’t consider all the potential consequences. My family lived in constant financial fear and stress, and eventually, we lost everything. We were evicted from a beautiful big house in the suburbs of Los Angeles and moved into a dinky apartment in a lousy part of town. Shortly before we were evicted, my mother died. Within two years of this, my father was killed in an airplane crash.

I was 17 then, and for a short time thereafter, I was homeless and broke

OK then ... so we've established that he had a harrowing upbringing. In the blog proper, he's surely hawking his services as a CFP ... not that there's anything wrong with that. I've always told people that making money off blogging is a total fluke. Better to use it as a way to promote the other things you do.

That's what
Neal Frankle is doing, all right. Julia linked this article, Living Without Television, which is a good an analysis as any on the pros and cons of eliminating TV from your life.

As with all ascetic practices, I particularly appreciate this admonition from Neal:

First, most decisions are reversible. It rarely hurts to implement a change in your life like this because you can almost always go back. Had I realized that, I never would have waited so long to give it a try.

In an unrelated matter, this is the first time I've used Blogger in many, many moons. I'd like to report that it's as awkward as ever.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Anderson Cooper endorses Christian Audigier hoodies

Newscaster Anderson Cooper lets us all know a little bit more about what makes him tick with his first-ever product endorsement for Christian Audigier hoodies.

"The tie comes off and the hoodie goes on," says Cooper, who can often be seen breakfasting at Le Pain Quotidian in the Audigier signature hoodies, which run upward of $300 each at forward-looking menswear establishments in L.A., New York and wherever men want a Bedazzled look that's sure to be noticed.

"There's nothing like a yogurt parfait and the soft, cutting-edge feel of a genuine Christian Audigier hoodie to get me going every weekday morning," says CNN's Cooper.

Sources tell 2,000 Days in the Valley that Cooper will be inking a second endorsement deal soon -- this time with Ed Hardy, for which he'll receive a free Old English-style tattoo across his previously unmarked back. Oh, that and a closetful of Ed Hardy hoodies.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Leaf blowers -- if they were banned, somebody forgot to tell all the guys still using them

I thought they banned leafblowers. Nope, says Ilene.

Yep, it rained ... and I fixed the dishwasher again

This 39-inch Early 1950's Wedgewood stove was restored by Savon Appliances, which has locations in Reseda and Burbank. The Reseda store is right next door to

Just saw November's post. It finally rained. Quite a few times, in fact.

If I had scattered a big bag of rye grass seeds in the back yard, we'd have something going right now. As it is, there's barely enough crab and Bermuda (the grasses, not the mollusks and islands) to keep it from being a mud patch.

I did my third repair on the Maytag portable dishwasher. I had to replace the faucet coupler -- the thing that connects the dishwasher to the sink -- it kept blowing off under pressure (I bet that's a familiar refrain), covering the kitchen -- and anyone in it -- in a spray of water.

Again, I got the part from Authorized Appliance Service, 18450 Vanowen St., Reseda (just east of Reseda Boulevard on the south side of the street), where I've gotten parts for both the dishwasher and the Maytag clothes washer in the recent past. The guys there are tremendously helpful in figuring out what part you need and then getting it from warehouses all over the place. They'll do the repairs themselves, too, but since I'm so damn cheap, I do all I can myself.

Call them at (818) 342-2055.

Sometime in the recent past, Authorized Appliance Service was divided in half, with the right side of the building devoted to a companion business, Savon Appliance, where they refurbish old stoves -- and will refurbish yours, if you want. Check out the classic stoves they've restored. There's also a location in Burbank, which I've driven by -- it's way bigger, for one thing. I think Savon Appliance and Authorized Appliance Service are connected by more than physical lumber and concrete, but I can't exactly confirm that just yet.

I've also heard that Authorized Appliance sells restored Maytag washers -- the old, hard-as-freaking-nails kind that last forever. Something to think about.

But if you just want to keep your old appliances running and want to do the work yourself, Authorized Appliance Service can really help you get it done. If you tell them what's not working on your washer/dryer/dishwasher/what-have-you, they can probably tell you what parts you need, and if you pull the offending part and bring it to them, they can probably tell you whether or not you need a new one. It's worked for me every time I've done it.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sunny and cold in Van Nuys

I thought fall would never come. And Nov. 10 is 10 days too late. We always mark the real beginning of fall as Halloween, but it's still been plenty hot until now.

And it's barely rained. For years.

Could use some rain.

I rebuilt the shower fixtures today with the help of my 4-year-old assistant. Took them apart, cleaned them up and put in new washers (and greased everything up). Then I cleaned the shower, took a shower, and we're about to eat at Leonor's. Yeah!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Old Van Nuys Library sold

Before it leaves forever, don't miss the story that recounts the fate of the old Van Nuys Library -- the 1926 Deco/Spanish/Colonial mixed breed building that, unfortunately, is leaving the public domain for that of a new owner who's got a little money. Since, for reasons that don't hold water, stories only last two weeks on, here it is:

Auction of Van Nuys Library is one for the books
LA Daily News
Article Last Updated:10/01/2007 10:46:09 PM PDT

The historic Van Nuys Library fared well on the auction block Monday as a longtime admirer doled out $1.52 million to become the building's new owner.

Winning bidder Tony Nasr with NTR Consultants said he's admired the 1926 Spanish Colonial Revival-style building for more than 20 years and used to frequent the building for business when the Fire Department used it as an office.

"I was in love," Nasr said after placing the winning bid during an auction at City Hall.

"I studied in Greece and I love the history of the buildings. I respect historic things. I want to keep the building as it is."

Nasr - who paid more than a half-million dollars above the library's appraised value of $950,000 - said he plans to restore the building and use it as an office.

The auction capped several weeks of controversy as some San Fernando Valley groups tried to persuade the city to retain ownership and let a local nonprofit use the building as a public space.

The one-story masonry building at 14553 Sylvan St. is on the National Register of Historic Places. It was designed by Allison and Allison, which built many public buildings - including Royce Hall at the University of California, Los Angeles.

The building was among the Valley's first libraries but was vacated in 1964, when the library moved to a more modern home in the Civic Center complex.

The Fire Department used the building as an office until 2005, and it's been vacant and surrounded by a chain-link fence since.

The city decided to auction the historic building to expand library services in the area and, perhaps, build a new, larger library if the city can raise additional money, officials said.

Said Reginald Jones-Sawyer, director of real estate for the Department of General Services: "$1.5 million, that's a lot of books."

The money from the sale will be used for libraries in Council District 6, which includes Van Nuys, Arleta and Sun Valley.

"The proceeds of this sale will give the other libraries in the Valley the resources necessary to better serve our families," said Councilman Tony C rdenas, who represents the area.

"If we had not sold this facility, we would have denied these families a vital funding opportunity and we would have risked burdening the taxpayers with hefty costs."

Some in the community noted that the library's final sales price was higher than they had expected.

"That's certainly higher than I would have been able to bid," said Sara Fisk, president of the New Valley Symphony Orchestra.

Fisk had collected about $500,000 in pledges toward buying the building and is still hoping to find a home for the orchestra.

"I'm so sorry," Fisk said. "We already have a glut of office space in Van Nuys. It had the feel that it should have been an arts center," she said.

Bidding on the library started at $950,000. Although the building has been modified over the years and the interior looks more sterile than the original version, bidders quickly pushed the price up to $1.52 million in the fast-paced auction.

Susan Kudo-Leeds, who owns Leeds Investment and Management with Ben Leeds, was hoping to buy the library and restore it to its former glory.

"It's stately and old," she said. "And it just needs a little help."

(213) 978-0390
Copyright ©2007 Los Angeles Newspaper Group.

How does Blogger compare to Movable Type

Blogger kicks Movable Type's ass.

But at the Daily News, we're getting Movable Type 4.0, if the upgrade ever goes through.

Blogger will continue to kick its ass, but MT will at least be better (and eventually have Captchas to keep out the spam comments).

Ilene update

Ilene has a lot going on. Besides teaching nutrition to five dozen or so at CSUN, her father is in a coma after falling from a ladder. In lighter news, she got a new bike.

Other things we're doing: dealing with clutter. Ilene moved a bunch of our Lulu's boxes o' crap out of the living room and into the kid's own room. It's her crap, and she's got her own room, so there. The 4-year-old loves to collect and save any old thing.

We've got bags upon bags of old clothes, toys, baby detritus, plus assorted electronic gear and other various and sundries in The Back Room. We need to have a garage sale to get rid of as much as we can. We must reclaim The Back Room, which is also filled with various two- and four-wheeled vehicles, has become a staging area for crap and the spiders who love it.

It's easier to make mess than it is to deal with it. But dealt with it must be.

Van Nuys auto dealers shuttered

Have you noticed the now-closed car dealerships on Van Nuys Boulevard. One is the Suzuki dealer (who ever bought a Suzuki car, anyway?), and I'm not sure, but I think the other one is/was Miller Nissan. There's still Miller Infiniti a few doors North.

Is it me, or is Van Nuys Auto Row (or whatever it is they call it) going totally updscale. Sure, there's Toyota and GM on the other side of Burbank Boulevard, but with Keyes replacing its Hyundai dealership with Acura, which is directly across the street from Hummer.

And south of Burbank Boulevard, I think used BMWs are now in the lot that used to be Chrysler. So you've got BMW, Mercedes (Keyes European), Lexus, Infiniti -- I don't even think Honda is there anymore (yeah, I do drive by every single day, and it's still a bit of a blur. And I already name-checked Acura and Hummer.

Still, I bet that Toyota dealer sells more cars than just about all the others combined.

Al fresco dining in Van Nuys adjacent

Four 'N' 20 Pies used to be in Van Nuys proper, in that funky, totally-early-'70s building that was replaced, I believe, by the Toyota dealership on Van Nuys Boulevard.

After the demolition, Four 'N' 20 moved south of Burbank, into what is nominally Sherman Oaks. No matter.

Anyhow ... they have a few outside tables, and we had a nice coffee/tea 'N' pie afternoon there last Sunday while the little girl was at grandma's.

As always, the service, the coffee and the pie were all great. And at 2-ish, the place was packed.

2,000 Days, 10,000 page views

I'm almost never over here, yet this site manages somehow to draw 15 to 20 page views a day.

Kinda makes you think. My Van Nuys-ish site under the auspices of the Daily News, Come on Feel the Nuys, is similarly neglected, and I bet it doesn't get as much traffic as this one.

As has been the case for almost a year now, most of my blogging is about technology. It's just easier, for the most part -- both to write and in terms of finding an audience.

When you focus on one subject over almost all others, your world closes in. I haven't been to L.A. Observed in a few months. Not because of anything over at the blog itself, just because my attentions are elsewhere.

It wouldn't kill me to pay a little more attention.

More Van Nuys items coming right up.