Monday, September 12, 2005

The power went out today

Somebody at the DWP connected the wrong cables together, according to reports, knocking out power to large parts of Los Angeles, including much of the San Fernando Valley. Out for about 2 hours. Just a flicker at the Daily News office in Woodland Hills, but it did hit Van Nuys, Sherman Oaks, North Hollywood, downtown and a whole bunch of other places.

But let's all remember what's important. I'll have to reprogram the VCR to record the "Big Brother 6" finale. One more episode. It's always a relief for "Big Brother" to be over. You start out a summer, there's nothing to watch, and you get hooked on something that, while not bad, could be a whole lot better. And by now you just want it all to end.

Back to the outage. Only a couple of hours. Not enough, I hope, to kill the Double Rainbow Cherry Chip soy ice cream. And we've got a new sprinkler controller that has a 2-year lithium battery. So just a couple of clocks and two VCRs to reprogram.

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