Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Here in Van Nuys on leaf blowers

Andrew defends leaf blowers, on the grounds that they offer a tangible benefit along with their noise and pollution.

Our gardener (yes, we have a gardener, don't start with me), Larry, has a rather quiet leaf blower, but it's a blower nonetheless. I'm ambivalent -- those things sure do work -- but I also have a broom.

I also favor letting leaves stay where they fall and/or moving them into my compost bin. Composting is the best thing we can do to both fortify the garden and dispose of organic wastes (both yard and kitchen varieties) with maximum efficiency -- no truck needed to haul it away, all processing done by critters and micro-organisms.

I'm off track and not betting. So goodbye.


Ilene said...

Larry's blower is electric. He also owns a rake. But even better - he doesn't just blow crap into the street like the idiots who ruin my afternoon walks with a sudden windstorm. I'm against them. Reh!

Andrew said...

We can get all fired up about Iraq, the deficit, crime, etc. but what really makes us mad is....the leaf blower?

Steven Rosenberg said...

I don't know which is a bigger menace, the leaf blower or the Toyota Camry.