Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It's the end of the world as we know it

I followed a few links from the Blogger site, and it lead me to the Blogger Help Group, where people have been plagued by this problem SINCE JULY.

The upshot: Blogger ain't gonna do nothing. But you can get your photo capability back by DUMPING INTERNET EXPLORER AND SWITCHING TO FIREFOX. I've been avoiding Firefox because I like Safari on the Mac and use IE at the office, but I finally bit the bullet and downloaded Firefox, and as you can see, I can get photos on the entries with no problem.

How could Microsoft let this happen? They've already lost the entire Mac market for browsers, now the same thing has happened for PCs? Guess they're too busy with Windows Vista to notice.

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Max said...

As someone who has a company that supports hundreds of computers. Over the years we've learned Internet Explorer is a metaphorical "runway" for spy/malware to be inadvertantly installed on a computer. As far as safari goes, it's a good browser, but firefox on the mac works just as well if not better. As for the new explorer coming out. I haven't heard great things. Heaven forbid that Microsoft doesn't have a monopoly on EVERY application one finds vital for the computer. Unfortunately, there are large sites which oddly enough still require Internet Explorer to use, eg. doesn't support firefox. Just fyi, I've had issues in the past posting pictures with firefox as well. I attribute that to the blogger hosting servers.