Friday, November 03, 2006

What I'm up to

It's been more than a month since the last 2,000 Days post, but I've been pretty active on the Daily News blogs.

We started a technology blog called Click, which has been mostly me, so that's a good place to dump every techy-geeky think I come across.

I've done a few entertainment updates lately at Hollywood Babble-On, including a quickie on Tom Cruise's ascent to the head of UA, and a few entries on Bob Barker's exit from "The Price Is Right," with my first suspicion of who will replace him, then a more educated guess (and a push for my most unlikely candidate).

At Table Talk, I pimp the Daily News food pages, and keep up with the controversial "ghetto latte."

And there's 2,000 Days' Daily News doppelganger, Come on Feel the Nuys, which is where everything else goes. Including a visit to the Museum of the San Fernando Valley's Museum Sundaes event, where we screwed around with markers at the kids' table. Then there's the excitement involved in painting our house ... which will continue tomorrow with Scraping: Part V.