Monday, June 20, 2005

The last 18 days

I haven't blogged in 18 days. Time flies. I have all sorts of blog-worthy ideas, but since I can't speak them into a tape recorder wired continuously to my noggin and subsequently will them to appear here in some sort of grammatically acceptable form, it just hasn't been happening.

Traffic light from hell still bugs me. I turned the tables on it and used the new left-turn arrow on Woodley to turn left onto Victory one morning. Boy do I feel smug, self-satisfied and triumphant. None of those really, but what the hell? I guess the whole raison d'etre (no, I do not speak French, nor understand Latin) for this soul-sucking traffic light is the eventual arrival of the MTA Orange Line busway. Not that it makes any sense, since the busway travels east-west, the same direction as Victory.

I'll probably be on that busway when it begins service, which is supposed to happen later this year. If the buses come more often than once every half-hour, that is. Until the final westbound stop near Canoga Park High is built, the bus will run right by the Los Angeles Daily News, all the more reason for me to make it the instrument of my morning commute.

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