Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Anderson Cooper endorses Christian Audigier hoodies

Newscaster Anderson Cooper lets us all know a little bit more about what makes him tick with his first-ever product endorsement for Christian Audigier hoodies.

"The tie comes off and the hoodie goes on," says Cooper, who can often be seen breakfasting at Le Pain Quotidian in the Audigier signature hoodies, which run upward of $300 each at forward-looking menswear establishments in L.A., New York and wherever men want a Bedazzled look that's sure to be noticed.

"There's nothing like a yogurt parfait and the soft, cutting-edge feel of a genuine Christian Audigier hoodie to get me going every weekday morning," says CNN's Cooper.

Sources tell 2,000 Days in the Valley that Cooper will be inking a second endorsement deal soon -- this time with Ed Hardy, for which he'll receive a free Old English-style tattoo across his previously unmarked back. Oh, that and a closetful of Ed Hardy hoodies.

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