Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Bush's second term in the crapper

(Another old post that for some reason didn't make it until now)
Do poll numbers really matter when you never have to face re-election again? President Bush's overall approval rating is down to 37 percent, according to the latest
    last month's
USA Today/CNN Gallup Poll. Approval on his handling of terrorism -- Bush's bread (guns) and butter issue -- 48 percent. Approval on Iraq, 35 percent. The economy, 37 percent.

Love him or hate him, it's not looking good. And reports are that Bush's inner circle continues to isolate him from dissenting voices. He also hasn't spoken out about the Rove/Libby Plamegate situation, nor has he cleaned house. This is the kind of disaffected, remote president that can be used as fodder for Democratic gains in the 2006 elections. The GOP needs a clear, emphatic and engaged leader to convince voters to stick with them through to 2008. The Democrats need that too (and no, Howard Dean does not qualify).

So whichever party nails down a clear, consistent philosophy and plan for where they want to take the country -- AND gets a viable presidential candidate out front to articulate that vision -- stands a good chance of dominating Washington beginning in 2008.

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