Thursday, December 22, 2005

How well do you know YOUR DSL support tech

DSL Extreme has been calling for the last day or so, and I finally caught one of their calls at 8 this morning. Seems my friend Dan wanted to check on how the service was working. I said great, because that's how it is, and he inquired about my Xmas preparations. Sure my name is Rosenberg, but since Christmas and Hanukkah coincide, I'm giving everybody a free pass. Thank you, Jesus and the Maccabees. I inquired about HIS Christmas shopping -- he still has to get something for "the wife." Well, since everything was working, I asked him to bump up our speed from 768 bps to 1500 bps. He checked the line, and since it was working fine, said he would do it.

He calls back 5 minutes later. I pick up the phone, "Hi, it's me," he says. Yes, Dan became a "me" in my life. But now that all is flowing fine on the DSL line (I'll check the speed tonight just to make sure), I expect my relationship with the tech support staff at DSL Extreme will become a more distant one. One can only hope.


Ilene said...

Should I count Dan in for brunch this weekend?

Steven Rosenberg said...

Sure. He and "the wife" are invited.