Friday, December 23, 2005 has it much worse

Mack Reed of L.A Voice has DSL problems of his own, and he took notice of my broadband journey, which is thankfully complete. I did a speed test last night, after DSL Extreme bumped the line back to 1500 bps, and everything is running better than ever. We can use the Internet and make phone calls at the same time in perfect digital harmony.

For those having trouble with DSL, here are some resources:

For no apparent reason, a picture

of the Fonz on the phone.

For speed tests and techies, disgruntled and not, discussing the fine points of broadband, go to DSL Reports and start digging in.

If you suspect a problem with your inside wiring, want to upgrade your telephone setup or even add a heavy-duty DSL filter that will eliminate your need for those little ones on each line, go to the Phone Man's Home Phone Wiring Advice Page.

And, of course, there's always DSL Extreme, which will provide you with broadband service in areas wired by both SBC and Verizon.

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Mack said...

I just ordered DSL Extreme, after hearing one more SBC/Yahoo horror story too many. Thanks for your tip, which joins a chorus of approval for the alternative.