Tuesday, October 09, 2007

2,000 Days, 10,000 page views

I'm almost never over here, yet this site manages somehow to draw 15 to 20 page views a day.

Kinda makes you think. My Van Nuys-ish site under the auspices of the Daily News, Come on Feel the Nuys, is similarly neglected, and I bet it doesn't get as much traffic as this one.

As has been the case for almost a year now, most of my blogging is about technology. It's just easier, for the most part -- both to write and in terms of finding an audience.

When you focus on one subject over almost all others, your world closes in. I haven't been to L.A. Observed in a few months. Not because of anything over at the blog itself, just because my attentions are elsewhere.

It wouldn't kill me to pay a little more attention.

More Van Nuys items coming right up.

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