Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Van Nuys auto dealers shuttered

Have you noticed the now-closed car dealerships on Van Nuys Boulevard. One is the Suzuki dealer (who ever bought a Suzuki car, anyway?), and I'm not sure, but I think the other one is/was Miller Nissan. There's still Miller Infiniti a few doors North.

Is it me, or is Van Nuys Auto Row (or whatever it is they call it) going totally updscale. Sure, there's Toyota and GM on the other side of Burbank Boulevard, but with Keyes replacing its Hyundai dealership with Acura, which is directly across the street from Hummer.

And south of Burbank Boulevard, I think used BMWs are now in the lot that used to be Chrysler. So you've got BMW, Mercedes (Keyes European), Lexus, Infiniti -- I don't even think Honda is there anymore (yeah, I do drive by every single day, and it's still a bit of a blur. And I already name-checked Acura and Hummer.

Still, I bet that Toyota dealer sells more cars than just about all the others combined.

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