Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Al fresco dining in Van Nuys adjacent

Four 'N' 20 Pies used to be in Van Nuys proper, in that funky, totally-early-'70s building that was replaced, I believe, by the Toyota dealership on Van Nuys Boulevard.

After the demolition, Four 'N' 20 moved south of Burbank, into what is nominally Sherman Oaks. No matter.

Anyhow ... they have a few outside tables, and we had a nice coffee/tea 'N' pie afternoon there last Sunday while the little girl was at grandma's.

As always, the service, the coffee and the pie were all great. And at 2-ish, the place was packed.

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Anonymous said...

Al Fresco is the best. Thanks for sharing.

Van Nuys