Monday, February 27, 2006

Breaking News on Dwight Schrute!

Rainn Wilson will be in tomorrow's (February 28th) Daily News talking about his blog, Schrute Space. Mr. Wilson writes his own stuff! No studio flak for him. Here's something that didn't make it into the article: Many of the times he writes it when they're shooting a multitude of background shots. So, he says, if you see him in the background looking particularly busy and pounding on the keyboard, he's probably writing something to post.

The story didn't make it to the Daily News Web site, but you can see the full story here. Ok. You've been warned. Yet again, I've given you something to make that click from your
Google search for Dwight Schrute worthwhile.

And there's also this: Dwight K. Schrute is an heir to Barney Fife. And here, Rainn Wilson says, "I think Dwight is America." And, Rainn Wilson gets a film role. And Rainn Wilson speaks to Newsweek.

And this tidbit: I figured out which house for sale was his, and they even had an open house this weekend, but even with Steven nearly jumping up and down wanting to go, it just seemed to much like a sicko stalker move to tromp through his house.

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