Monday, February 06, 2006

Northern Attack, another "Office" Web site

I came across yet another "The Office" fan Web site, Northern Attack.

Particulary notable is Northern Attack's exhaustive synopsis of the "Boys and Girls" episode, complete with dialogue and analysis throughout.

The many people commenting on this site even have something called the JPI, which I think stands for Jim-Pam Index. But they're all talking about whether the JPI is up or down. I guess it's like the NASDAQ or something in "Office" terms.

Here's a quote:

About the JPI…
I know we all want to be as optimistic as possible (me included), and I know events in this episode are setting up events later that will most certainly send the JPI skyrocketing, but just considering the situation at the exact end of the episode (and I’m pretty sure that’s what must be done, instead of including parts of hypothetical future episodes), it’s gonna be a negative.
But hey, I might be wrong. Just my thoughts.

and this:

The thing I love best about this show is that it’s so great to watch the first time around, and even so every episode is always better the second time through.
My take on Pam’s final look at Jim is that having just transferred a call, she’s acknowledging to herself what Jim said about always being a receptionist – and that transferring calls is much of what that life would be like. The look shows that what he said is already hitting home.

And yes, they have lots of screen shots (see above).

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