Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Food as heroin REVISITED

REVISED: Per Ilene's queries, the FlavorBlasted Color Changing Goldfish turn either red or blue in your mouth, and they do so almost instantaneously. And here's the relevant Nutrition Facts: In 51 crackers (yes people, a serving is 51 crackers -- check it!), 14o calories, 6g fat, 1.5g saturated fat (1.5g polyunsatured, 3g monounsaturated), 5 mg cholesterol (cholesterol???), 250 mg sodium, 17g carbohydrates), less than 1g fiber, less than 1g sugars (how do they do that??), 3g protein. 4% calcium, 4% iron.

These were floating around the office -- the best Goldfish crackers ever. Why? Because they're "flavor blasted," and they also supposedly change color in your mouth!

Seriously, though, if you didn't think that original Goldfish crackers could be improved upon, think again, cause these things are freakin' great. Here's Pepperidge Farm's description:

Flavor Blasted® Goldfish® CrackersBlast off to a new galaxy of flavorful fun! Just one bite will send your taste buds into orbit. When you're ready to try something extreme — try satisfying your hunger with Xtra Cheddar, Xplosive Pizza, Nothin' But Nacho or Burstin BBQ Cheddar Flavor Blasted® Goldfish® Crackers. They blow other snacks away.

Indeed, they do blow other snacks away. Ilene would want to know the nutritional information, but it's not on the Web site, and I'm getting too logy with carb overload to get out of the chair. Hey, at least they've eliminated trans-fatty acids.

I remember Goldfish crackers from when I was a wee-little, finicky kid who didn't eat much besides Cheerios, dry.

Seriously again, I should never, ever be around these.

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Ilene said...

You won't be. ECH.

You and the toddler could just chew them up and open each other's mouths to compare colors. I'll buy you a box to share if I ever get desperate for alone time. ECH.