Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Daily News bloggers -- they are out there

There have got to be more Daily News bloggers than this, and if you know of any, I'd like to hear about it. Besides myself, of course, there are:

Editorial assistant Ben Jauron's edgy, whacked-out, noirish, insert your own adjective here, http://www.sgtwest.com/, which features in one of its "episodes," Ilene's and my long-ago boss Gregg Miller. Yes, Mr. Jauron is currently the coolest, edgiest Daily News blogger, or more precisely, Web artist, since this doesn't really meet the definition of "blog."

Columnist Mariel Garza's lightly updated http://www.marielgarza.blogspot.com/.

Editorial page editor Chris Weinkopf's also lightly updated http://www.weinkopf.com/.

Cops reporter Josh Kleinbaum's also lightly updated http://kleinbaum.org/.

Who could forget the official Daily News Red Carpet blog http://www.insidesocal.com/redcarpet/, featuring the bloggish stylings of Fred Shuster, Valerie Kuklenski, Bob Strauss, Glenn Whipp, David Kronke, Sandra Barrera and who knows who else.

And last for now but never least, business reporter Brent Hopkins' blog, which is mostly filled with items pertaining to our CWA union local (of which he is the more-than-capable leader) http://thenutgraph.blogspot.com/.

I'll start a special blogroll for all of these when I get a chance. But for now, enjoy them starting right here.

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