Friday, February 03, 2006

The Van Nuys Diet

(Isaac Newton Van Nuys,
patron saint of the Van Nuys Diet)

The Daily News is awash in cookies, doughnuts and fudgy confections, and with that in mind -- and under my nose -- the Van Nuys Diet begins RIGHT NOW.

Much of this comes from Ilene, who besides her training in nutrition and food science (now culminating in her master's thesis) has a lot of good ideas on how to avoid going face first, entire body second, into the plethora of sugary foods that dot the file cabinets and desktops of newsrooms and offices everywhere. She says that if a free dessert is that good, you should have a container ready and take some, holding it for later when you can eat it at the proper time and enjoy it (i.e. not while standing up over a trash can).

Nothing here today is good enough to do that, and I brought food for lunch and snacks, so I'm sticking to it.

Another major component, not endorsed by Ilene, is coffee, and lots of it. America's wonder elixir is my friend. As is the double espresso. They're building a Starbucks across from the Daily News, and it is taking a very, very, very long time. But right now, despite two cups of coffee, I could really use something stronger.

More on the Van Nuys Diet later, including my weighty history.

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